When will the work start?

    Construction works are expected to commence in Spring of 2021. 

    Construction starting dates are project-specific and weather dependent and all work will be managed and administered by the Design and Construction Section, Transportation and Public Works Department.

    Written notices to affected residences will be provided prior to any work commencing.

    What is the anticipated duration of the work?

    The work will take approximately four to six months.  

    Residents will be notified in writing prior to any work commencing.

    What if work is delayed?

    The Town will provide on-going communications with homeowners including mailed or hand-delivered notices with information of any major delays and next steps.

    Will my property be affected by the work?

    Not all properties will be affected.  A pre-engineering review is completed ahead of the project to determine required repairs based on surface drainage concerns and storm sewer condition.

    If the work includes curb or sidewalk removal and re-grading, for the most part, the only area that may be affected will be approximately to the property line.  Roads where curb is being added, restoration limits will be to the front edge of the existing sidewalk or as identified on the drawings as the grading limit.

    Where there is existing sidewalk, entire asphalt driveway aprons will be repaved. If there is no sidewalk, a saw-cut of the existing asphalt driveway 1-2 meters behind the curb will form the limit for full width repaving of the existing driveway. Topsoil and sod will be used in all grass areas for restoration.

    Who maintains the new sod?

    The contractor is responsible for watering new sod for 30 days or until it has taken root. Once the Town has reviewed the performance of the sod and confirmed it is healthy and actively growing, the homeowner will be notified by letter of their responsibility for the on-going sod maintenance, including a “New Turf Maintenance” fact sheet.

    Are sidewalks to be removed and replaced?

    As part of the proposed work sidewalk will be removed and replaced with either new sidewalk or asphalt multi-use path throughout the project area. During construction temporary sidewalk and/or detours will be maintained to not impede pedestrian or active transportation.

    Will the roads be open during construction?

    All roads will remain open during construction but will be affected with localized traffic closures to facilitate the work. Homeowners can expect to be restricted from access to affected driveways for a minimum of 48 hours.  A notice regarding access restrictions will be provided the day before verbally or written and placed on doors.

    What if there is restriction of access to the street for Emergency Services?

    A Notice of Construction is provided to all emergency services prior to construction. The contractor is responsible for maintaining access at all times during construction. If access is blocked, on-site staff will notify all emergency services.

    Where is the work happening?

    The work will occur both on and off road along Maple Avenue between Main Street and Mountainview Road. This will include improvements to the Maple Avenue and Guelph Street (Highway 7) intersection but not affect the intersections at Main Street or Mountainview Road.

    What types of disruption can residents expect?

    While the Town strives to minimize disruption for residents and businesses, there will be some noise, dust and vibration as part of the construction process. Access to driveways may be temporarily blocked at certain times during construction.

    How will traffic be affected in the project area?

    Traffic will be affected locally throughout construction. Localized lane closures will be utilized to minimize the distribution to traffic and full road closures are not expected. For the work at the Maple Avenue and Guelph Street (Highway 7) intersection temporary traffic signals will be installed to maintain vehicular and active transportation.

    What is being done to minimize disruption?

    A Town site inspector is assigned to the work area to monitor the project’s progress.  Residents encountering issues or requiring information about the project can contact Town staff.

    What should I do with my waste receptacles?

    Halton Region is responsible for garbage collection. Please place your garbage, blue box and green cart out on your usual collection day. It is the contractor’s responsibility to move these materials to a location where they can be accessed by the collection vehicles. Residents are advised to place their house number on the bins during construction.

    What are the typical working hours for construction?

    Contractors are asked to work between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. In order to make the site safe and for unforeseen circumstances, contractors may extend their hours of work during off-peak times.

    There is a by-law in place which indicates the hours when noise is permitted.

    See By-law 2010-0030