What is a Secondary Plan?

    A Secondary Plan allows for more detailed or issue-based planning in newly developed or other areas where specific issues and concerns are identified such as public spaces, parks and urban design. A Secondary Plan is part of the Official Plan, and subject to the full Official Plan Amendment process.

    Why is the Glen Williams Secondary Plan being updated?

    The existing Secondary Plan came into full force and effect in 2007, once all appeals were settled at the Ontario Municipal Board. The planning horizon for the existing Glen Williams Secondary Plan is 2021. As a result, the Hamlet of Glen Williams Secondary Plan preceded a number of provincial and regional plans, which have revised policy directions for growth and development in Ontario. A scoped review of the Hamlet of Glen Williams Secondary Plan is timely and will enable the Town to appropriately respond to these planning considerations.

    What area of the Town will be covered during the review?

    The Hamlet of Glen Williams as identified on Schedule H4-1 Glen Williams Land Use Plan is included in the review. Schedule H41 Glen Williams 

    What will the review accomplish?

    • Conformity to Provincial and Regional Plans
    • Confirmation that the goals and objectives of the Secondary Plan remain relevant
    • Updated Hamlet Design policies and guidelines that reflect best practices which are sensitive to the community context
    • Updated natural heritage and environmental policies to conform to provincial and regional policy while acknowledging the existing community context of Glen Williams (e.g., Hamlet that provides transition between)

    What is the timing and process of the review?

    The review will take approximately 18 months to be completed by spring of 2021. The review will be completed in four phases.

    • Phase 1- Background and Key Findings
    • Phase 2- Community Vision
    • Phase 3- Policy Formulation
    • Phase 4- Recommended Plan

    How can I stay informed and provide my comments?

    Updates and information related to the review will be posted on this webpage. Notices of upcoming public engagement events will also be advertised in the Georgetown Independent and Free Press and through the Town of Halton Hills social media accounts.