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I moved to Acton about 8 years ago and what attracted me to this small town was many things, and in short was the community. Caring, Involved and aware people that actually are involved with things that matter. A feeling of being part of the community and the goal to keep this small town feel. The community may not want concentrate on a single event or time of which they can offer an experience but encourage that the town should offer an atmosphere that provides a continual experience with lush parks, filled with flowers and trees, places for the community to get together and laugh, play and grow and stay fit. Pathways that connect the community closing the gap on distance and providing safe travel for all. Being able to offer a community a life long experience that when asked To describe a favourite Halton experience, they need to pause, smile and say...It’s not one thing but all things that make a wonderful day to day experience that I love and look forward to tomorrow.

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