What is the Retrofit Halton Hills Pilot Program?

    The Town is developing and launching a home energy retrofit program, called Retrofit Halton Hills, starting with a pilot program. 

    The pilot aims to provide up to 20 homeowners with access to financing (through the use of local improvement charges) to implement home energy retrofits. 

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    What are Local Improvement Charges?

    The Local Improvement Charges (LIC) regulation is an existing tool available to municipalities under the Municipal Act, 2001. 

    This tool can be a financing mechanism to give homeowners access to the upfront capital cost to complete energy retrofits. 

    The amount is paid back through the homeowner’s property tax payment, often for the same term as the lifespan of the work. 

    However, the payment “runs with the land” and stays with the property. If the homeowner moves before the retrofit is completed, the new homeowner will take over the payment, along with the benefit of the retrofit.

    How do I participate?

    The Town will begin recruitment for pilot participants by Summer 2021 – at this time, interested homeowners can participate by providing input via the survey on Let’s Talk Halton Hills. 

    Please note that participating in the survey does not commit you to the pilot program.

    Who should fill out the survey and why?

    The Town encourages all homeowners of single-family home (detached, attached, duplex or row/townhome) to fill out the survey. 

    Your responses will help inform program design and help the Town establish priority areas for the pilot program. 

    Please note that completing the survey does not commit you to the program.

    What are the benefits of home energy retrofits?

    Investing in energy retrofits in buildings helps lower energy costs, reduces maintenance requirements, creates a more pleasant interior environment, increases the value and productivity of the building, and reduces its environmental footprint.