What is the Town doing about planning for bigger driveways?

    As part of this study, the Town will assess the need to modify minimum driveway dimensions for new development. The study will also consider zoning by-law requirements that limit the maximum driveway area permitted; these requirements are in place to control stormwater run-off on residential properties.

    What can be done about hospital parking gouging? Because of the costs, people are parking in front of Park Public School and limited street parking on Princess Anne Drive.

    The Town of Halton Hills does not set or have control over Hospital parking rates. The Town has noted your concerns regarding parking in front of  Park Public School, on Hyde Park Drive and on Princess Anne Drive, and will add this location to planned enforcement. It should be noted that the Town has available additional temporary parking on Hillside Drive and Mary Street

    Parking is permitted on some 4 lane roads; during rush hours these same roads come with restrictions. What is ‘normal’ rush hour and with ‘normal’ traffic patterns, does it not go beyond the two-hour restrictions currently in effect?

    Typical rush hours during a weekday on arterial roads are between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. However, these rush hours may depend on individual roads, different traffic patterns, surrounding developments and other factors. On Guelph Street (Hwy 7), the rush hours go beyond the identified periods, and require 24/7 No Parking restrictions.

    Would the Town consider a larger boulevard depth for future high density housing to allow cars to park side-by-side on the boulevard in the orientation of the driveway?

    The current trend in the province is to reduce the road allowance, including the boulevard space. Through this parking study, the Town is reviewing the standards used by other municipalities to determine how to improve the use of the boulevard space.

    How successful has the interim measure been with respect to boulevard parking? Has the public respected the rules or have complaints increased with tickets being issued vis a vis parking on the street?

    The interim measures for allowing parking on the boulevard have been positives, as they reduced the number of parking concerns sent to the Town and increased the parking capacity for some homeowners.

    What are the Town's plans for parking at new condo developments in regards to resident and guest parking?

    The Town is reviewing the current zoning standards for condominium parking to compare our standards to other municipalities and determine if our zoning standards need to change.

    Why is there no restraint on the hill of Ontario Street? (Before Jason) oncoming traffic view is very limited.

    The "No Parking" signs will be installed during summer on Ontario Street between Jason Crescent and Riverview Crescent.

    Older homes built with a single car garage are now occupied by 2/3 car families. What can residents of these homes do when they need space for more cars?

    For communities with demonstrated parking deficiencies, the Parking Study is evaluating a number of parking solutions to accommodate regular parking needs, such as additional 12-hour zones, parking by permit, boulevard parking, changes to driveway sizes, etc. The Town currently allows for additional parking on occasion to meet temporary needs through parking exemption permits. It should also be acknowledged, however, that there is a responsibility of home owners to purchase accomodations to meet their parking needs.

    Permitted boulevard parking causes a concern to viewing oncoming traffic turning onto a road, as it traverses a curve and postal boxes. What does the Town recommend?

    We encourage residents to immediately contact the Town's Transportation section to discuss traffic safety concerns. Boulevard parking will not be permitted if it creates unsafe road conditions. 

    There is one area on Charles leading to Princess Anne where one homeowner has been allowed to park right at the bend and drivers turning on to Charles. A complaint has been made because of the danger especially in winter. What can be done about this?

    The Transportation staff will review the intersection of Princess Anne Drive and Charles street to determine the scope of the problem and evaluate potential solutions.

    Can the Town offer 12-hour parking on River Street in Acton or a street nearby for someone with no driveway at their property instead of having to pay for an overnight parking permit at the green P across from Giant Tiger?

    On-street parking on River Street is designated for Library staff and patrons, and pick-up and drop off for school students. Unfortunately, the 12-hour parking zone is not appropriate for this location. The resident is encouraged to contact the Transportation section to discuss available options.

    If a complaint is submitted to parking control about an overhanging vehicle, will the parking control re-visit or does one have to repeatedly call?

    Staff will monitor the location where the boulevard violation has occurred and undertake appropriate action. However, due to the Town's limited resources, residents are encouraged to track and identify problem areas to the Town.

    Has the Town looked at best practices for street parking vs snow removal specifically in high snow fall regions?

    The Town has reviewed the winter operations of the surrounding municipalities.

    Would the Town consider allowing residents to apply online for permission to park on the street overnight at any time of day/night and be able to print off the appropriate approval?

    Exemptions can be done online. When they are entered by the resident, it automatically connects to the software program the parking officers use and when they approach a vehicle on the road, they run the plate and if there is an exemption, the officer can see it and therefore no ticket is issued.

    What’s the Town’s strategy regarding single homes? (All about NDUs)

    The scope of this parking study identifies and presents solutions for parking deficiencies for single-detached, semi-detached and townhouse residential homes. Six groups of solutions have been identified and presented to address parking deficiencies and operational problems in existing neighbourhoods and to mitigate parking needs in future communities. These solution options include: additional on-street parking, supplemental parking lot spaces, proactive enforcement, public promotion and increased parking requirements for new development through zoning. The recommendations will be based on input from Halton Hills residents and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the options, including consistency with current Town planning policies.