What are your thoughts on the Action Plan for 2017-2019?

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

After reviewing the nine items listed in our 2-year Action Plan, tell us what you like or what you feel is missing.

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Consultation has concluded

  • mattbg almost 3 years ago
    More than adding activities, I think that trail usage will increase by having them connect more places that people want to go. This is difficult when the trails haven't been built ahead of the roads and houses, but while Hungry Hollow trail is an impressive urban trail by itself, doing something like connecting Cedarvale Park to the Hungry Hollow trail would be a great objective to increase the ability to stay off-road for significant trips. Even better if it could somehow be connected to Norval or 10 Sideroad before that opportunity is gone.
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    • Admin Commented Aaron almost 3 years ago
      That's a great point. It's one of the reasons the Town invested in a massive 40m steel pedestrian bridge (see Regan Ridge Bridge) to increase the continuous length people can walk/hike/bike in Hungry Hollow. Speaking personally, I ride my bike to work along the Chris Walker trail, and I'm not sure I would ride as often if it was along public roads because of safety concerns and noise. The connectedness of our trails go a long way to allowing residents to get where they need to go safely. The challenge to every growing city and town is how to co-develop trails with the required building of housing and commercial spaces.